BC Griffen Headphones

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The Black Crowes Deluxe Headphones by Griffin are engraved with their Band Logo on each side. The wooden housings are fashioned from real wood, available in:

Sapele- Also known as aboudikro, wood from African sapele trees, used for making musical instruments, reminiscent of mahogany, with distinctive grain and coloring.
Beech- wood from beech trees, with clear wood grain and light coloring.

These headphones pair the excellent acoustic qualities of the wood with 50 mm neodymium drivers. One listen, and you'll agree that it's a good match.

Griffin WoodTones headphones impart warm overtones that accentuate the mid-range. Vocals come alive, and low frequency bass emerges without distorting harmonics or clarity-destroying echoes. You'll notice an improvement in sound volume, as well; you may find yourself listening at a lower volume level than usual, yet enjoying it more.

The WoodTones enclosures are so lightweight, and the plush ear pads are so comfortable, you can wear them for extended periods without fatigue, and a listening experience isolated from outside distractions.

The detachable 1/8" cable with built-in mic gives you plenty of room for(more...)