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Market Imperative

Selling music merchandise like t-shirts and posters is one of the most profitable parts of any artist business. Professionally managed artists recognize the value of full service merchandise companies and rely on them to manage the complex logistics of a presenting and selling merchandise and VIP services at live events. Within the vast music landscape, artists and record labels are committed to offsetting declines in CD sales and are desperate to monetize their growing user base. As a result merchandise suppliers must be able to extend their live event sales through ecommerce, VIP experiences, direct to retailer sales, etc. Poorly managed operations can hold many artists back from exploiting merchandise opportunities

Experience Equals Success

Dreamer, LLC is a full service merchandise company with over 20 years of experience developing profitable merchandising campaigns for clients and their brands. Dreamer’s broad set of services delivers unmatched value for clients while consistently improving operation excellence and consistently improving financial performance

Business Focus

Dreamer is committed to cultivating a diverse client roster of industry leaders. We provide best-in-class merchandising services by fully integrating product ideation to overall branding and marketing strategies. Dreamer maintains a focus on top-line revenues and bottom-line profits and is completely transparent and compliant with event accounting and inventory facilitated through a comprehensive financial and reporting platform. Branding and Licensing is the cornerstone to translating talent into a household name and icon. Dreamer facilitates brand integration and growth into today’s changing consumer product marketplace.

Dreamer’s Core Competencies – Setting the Standard

  • Live Event Sales – In the past ten years, the Dreamer team has managed sales at over 12,000 events with gross sales exceeding $45M worldwide.
  • Direct to Customer Sales – Dreamer distribution facility in Nashville, TN
  • E-Commerce – State of the art e-store
  • Retail Distribution – Our retail and wholesale experts have created a network of retail opportunities for apparel and other specialty products.
  • Third Party Licensing and Merchandising – Global Network licensees for every product category, retailers and co-brands to expand distribution and generate new sources of revenue.
  • VIP Experience – Pioneered by Dreamer, LLC, VIP experience offers fans better seats, backstage tours, pre-show sound check, meet and greet/photo opportunity
  • Green Merchandising – Use of renewable materials like Hemp, Bamboo and Organic Cottons recyclable materials.
  • Premiums and Promotional Products – With access to over 100,000 unique specialty items from thousands of different manufactures and vendors
  • Data Collection Kiosks – Dreamer has developed a data collection program that enables our artist’s to gather important marketing data at the Live Event.
  • Visual Display Merchandising – From our roots as a boutique merchandising firm we have developed our own state of the art display systems image, giving them the attention and service they deserve.
  • Fan Clubs – We are not interested in empty fan clubs. Instead we are filling the site with exclusive content and offers that give the purchase some real value.